Situation of LGBT in Ukraine

Hate crimes and incidents in Ukraine

The publication briefly analyzes and reflects the current situation with hate crimes and incidents in Ukraine on various grounds and towards various vulnerable groups: the legal framework, socio-historical context, trends and prospects for development. This publication is intended for general education of specialists and the public as well as provides practical recommendations for improving the situation in this area.

LGBT situation in Ukraine in 2018 (January – August)

2018 has demonstrated a notable increase in activity and visibility of the Ukrainian LGBT community and some improvement in the attitude of Ukrainian society and the state towards it. At the same time, the Ukrainian authorities have not been ready to fulfil their commitments under the Action Plan on Human Rights on the adoption of important fundamental changes in legislation; however, they have not refused ultimately to implement changes and have actually taken certain decisions to protect the interests of LGBT people.
The police provided effective protection of LGBT events throughout the country in the cases where their conducting was agreed upon in advance; however, the practice of investigating hate crimes based on homo/transphobia remained extremely inefficient and unsatisfactory.
Ukrainian churches continued to actively support homophobic discrimination initiatives of other organisations and activists, but, except for the UOC (MP), they refrained from hate speech and their own incitements to discrimination. “The protection of the traditional family” became the main slogan of the current anti-LGBT campaigns in Ukraine.

The Face of Hatred. Crimes and incidents motivated by homophobia and transphobia in Ukraine in 2014-2017. The second edition, corrected and enlarged.

This publication highlights the situation in crimes and incidents motivated by hatred against homosexual, bisexual and transgender persons in Ukraine in 2014-2017. The report is prepared according to results obtaining through monitoring and human rights defending activities by Nash Mir Center. In 2017 it was supported by the British Embassy in Ukraine, Tides Foundation (USA), the Human Rights Fund of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, the State Department of the USA, and the Canada Fund for Local Initiatives (the Embassy of Canada in Ukraine).

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