Situation of LGBT in Ukraine

POLICY BRIEF on the introduction of registered partnership for same-sex couples in Ukraine

Recently, the topic of introducing same-sex partnerships in our country has attracted public attention. We have decided to update and publish a policy brief on this issue – in it you will find a concise overview of the current legal and factual situation of same-sex family partners in Ukraine, international experience in this area, and our recommendations to the Ukrainian authorities in this regard.

The battle for freedom. LGBTQ situation in Ukraine in 2022

This publication presents information that reflects the social, legal and political situation of the LGBTQ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender) people in Ukraine in 2022. It contains data and analyses of the issues related to LGBTQ rights and interests in legislation, public and political life, and public opinion, and provides examples of discrimination on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identity and more.

LGBTQ and war

A report on the specific problems of the Ukrainian LGBTQ community since the beginning of the Russian invasion’s new phase. This report was prepared according to results obtained through monitoring and human rights defending activities by Nash Svit Center.

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