LGBT situation in Ukraine in January – July 2017

31 August, 17 | Situation of LGBT in Ukraine

In 2017 the position of the Ukrainian LGBT community and the attitude of Ukrainian society and the state towards LGBT issues does not demonstrate any fundamental changes in comparison to the previous year. The central government continues declaring equal rights for LGBT people, while being in no hurry to fulfil its obligations under the Action Plan on Human Rights. The police force, in general, provides rather reliable protection measures against LGBT homophobic aggression under a prior agreement, but reluctantly and inefficiently investigates hate crimes against LGBT people. Ukrainian society is gradually becoming more aware of the real problems and demands of their LGBT compatriots, and more tolerant to manifestations of homosexuality and transgender identity. Right-wing radical nationalist forces and the churches remain the main adversaries of LGBT people, but while the former do not weaken (and rather, on the contrary, increase their homophobic activity and rhetoric) the latter are trying to avoid evident “hate speech” and direct calls for discrimination against LGBTs.