Celebrate Diversity and Equality!

Eurovision 2017, Our activities

Celebrate Diversity is the official slogan of Eurovision song contest 2017 that very soon will be held in the Ukrainian capital.

Celebrate Diversity and Equality – Is what LGBT Human Rights Nash Mir Center is calling the much anticipated international event – on its May billboard announcements on display already in welcoming Kyiv!

The billboards’ purpose is to draw closer public attention to the situation of LGBTI people in Ukraine – often facing manifestations of homophobia, transphobia, discrimination, and hate crimes.

After the historic uprising known as ‘Euromaidan’ – the mass public protests in 2014 against the pro-Russian politics of former President Yanukovych resulting in the ‘Revolution of Dignity’ – the Ukrainian people made its final choice for integration with modern Europe.

This choice was even more crucial for the LGBTI community throughout the nation because it sparked real changes in public attitudes and state policy towards LGBTI Ukrainians.  That evolving process of changing attitudes continues (though occasionally slow and problematic) calling for and deserving wide support.

Nash Mir Center has prepared up-to-date information on the LGBTI situation in Ukraine, advice on security, and a gay guide to Kyiv especially for foreign visitors to Eurovision 2017. You can find what you need to know at our website www.gay.org.ua/en/eurovision2017

Welcome to Kyiv, Eurovision fans and new visiting friends!

Let’s celebrate diversity and equality together!

LGBT Human Rights Nash Mir Center

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