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EU Questionnaire for Ukraine: LGBTQ dimension

Recently the Ukrainian government received a special questionnaire to assess the readiness of a potential candidate for membership before the start of the EU accession process. Nash Svit Center decided to contribute to the review of this questionnaire by the EU institutions and answered, within its competence, questions directly related to the protection of the rights of LGBTQ people in Ukraine.

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Situation of LGBT in Ukraine Jan-August 2020

Due to the coronavirus epidemic and related quarantine restrictions, activity of LGBT organizations have largely moved to the Internet. Restrictions on mass events and personal meetings have reduced documented cases of LGBT rights violations, but far-right and traditionalist groups did not reduce, but rather increased, their aggression against those physical LGBT events which still occur in Ukrainian cities.

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Statement of the LGBT “Nash Mir” Center regarding the shocking raid of the Ukrainian police to gay club in the city of Dnipro

On the night from 19th to 20th April, the police in Dnipro city conducted a homophobic raid on a local gay club “Potemkin”. About 1 a.m., 20-25 police officers burst into the night club, compelled all those present to lie down on the floor (about 25 visitors + the club staff), and did not allow anyone to get up for three hours while opening all windows (the night temperature was not above +5). The police seized mobile phones from all present people, and some things disappeared from the cloakroom. The club staff also claimed about the loss of some club’s equipment. Except the mobile phones, no disappeared things were included in the list of the seized things.

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