Your contribution will be directed to the implementation of the project “Legal assistance to LGBT+ people suffered from discrimination and hate crimes,” namely, to pay for the services of lawyers providing legal advice and representing the interests of victims in the police and courts.

The project budget is UAH 200,000 ($ 5,000). The project will be implemented until December 31, 2025.

By making this contribution, you agree that the amount of the contribution is non-refundable and will be directed to the financing of the specified project, and in case of non-implementation of the project, residue of funds at the end, or closure / irrelevance of fundraising, your contribution will be directed to the implementation of Nash Svit Center’s other projects aimed at achievement of equal rights and respect for the LGBT+ community in Ukraine.

To learn more about the situation of LGBT+ people in Ukraine and our authenticated work please have a look at our published brochure.

Thank You for Supporting Nash Svit!

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